A narrow twin mattress has never felt so roomy, with over 30" of clearance seperate the spacious sleeping environments from each other. This area is where you'll unwind after a long day, enjoy a movie on the integrated screens, or meet new friends on your trip. Inspired by the Ritz Carlton and built in the style of a Naval submarine, "the bunks" are a key tenant of any stay aboard SF1. 5,000 pound test rigging cables allow the curtains to be opened or closed even in the roughest of environments, and in bulk transit mode the beds are able to flip up and form additional seating capacity for higher crew count missions.


    The front of SF1 is occupied by custom chaise-lounges, with cut-to-fit memory foam inserts and waterproof cushions. Though we'd recommend not sleeping on the sofa while bus-darts are being played, there is no specific piece of legislature that forbids it. The "mini-couch" opens up into the expansive kitchenette area, and the centrally located A/C and Heat keep the area comfortable during all operations. Individually adjustable overhead lighting ensures the mood is set, and keeps the glow-in-the-dark decals juiced up.


    Lastly, for the more studious among us, SF1 is optionally equipped with a mobile office allowing for work to be performed while on the road. If you've never tried to perform delicate mouse operations on the 405, you're in for a treat.