Imagine the Pastabilities

Space Force One features more gourmet hard cheeses than a Walmart Supercenter. Most guests select some variety of Pecorino, but there's truly a cheese for everybody. With over 30,000 potential pasta combinations onboard, you'll never get bored of the signiture meal coming out of the Space Force kitchen.


Travel the world while on board, and experience any number of international delicacies from Tacos to Scrambled Eggs. Sporting a mini-fridge that usually works, and a sink that often doesn't, prepare to be dazzled.

The heart of the kitchen, and possibly the trip, is the off-brand Yeti cooler that houses all manner of beverages, from 12oz Naturdays to 16oz Naturdays. Equipped with a custom dump valve to drain out unwanted water to make room for more Naturdays, and a pretty clean seat top thats relatively comfortable, its not only a great spot to find a Naturdays, but a great spot to enjoy the trip.