The Fastest Weapon In The Space Force

    With over 23 gallons of onboard air storage, Space Force One has the power you need to get the job done. Each Harpoon is individually fillable and actuatable up to 150 PSI, so you can be safe while on the road, but ready to engage at a moments notice. A 2" barrel enables larger projectiles than ever before, and cockpit pressure readouts enable accurate and timely shots. Capable of accelerating a 1kg projectile to Mach 0.3, you'll wonder why you've never had bus mounted harpoons before. 


    The entire system is made possible by a revolutionary 6.6 Horsepower clutchable positive displacement reciprocating onboard air compression system that exhibits industry leading reliability, breakthrough efficency, and is still light enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

No Bad Attitudes

With turnkey azimuth adjustment, you'll never have your harpoon at a bad attitude again. Proofed for both Burst and PEQMAX events, explore the envelope of the weapon without risk of anomaly.


"It Cachunks Real Good" - Anonymous

"It's a right skookum choocher" - Anonymous

"Yikes." - Anonymous

"Honestly the finest offensive system this side of the Karman line" - Obama